Curriculum Subjects

  In Saint Augustin's School, we learn a lot of languages:

English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Latin.

There are normal subjects :

Mathematics, science, music, physical education, technology, history, geography, art.

        Examples of projects :

    Technology: we make an alarm clock (in year 10), key ring (in year 9)

    Music: we sing and learn the history of art.!

    There is a lot of options :

  • European Sections it Begins in year 9 with 6 hours of English + 1hour of Euro .

  • History of Arts in year 7, it's a special class to discover Art.

  • Sports sections Synchronized swimming, football, fencing, oar, tennis- with a special timetable.

  • ODP ( “Option Découverte Profesionnel” = vocational) in year 10, to discover the professional environment.

    Extensive English/Spanish from 7 to 10 year, there is 1,5 hour of English/Spanish ( 7-8 ) and 3 hours of English/Spanish ( 9-10 ) in addition to the other normal hours of language.

You can choose more options which match you the most.

                                                                                                                                                                                         By Lucie & Cloé