In St Augustin, we have oneheadmaster, his name is Mr MARTINEAU, he organizes trips, calendar, exhibition... To help him there are 2 headmaster deputies : Mr JOBARD for years 7 and 10 and Mrs CHAUVEAU for years 8 and 9.

There is Mrs CHESNIER, and Mrs TANGUY for administration.

Pastoral and Global teachers :

In pastoral, there are Mrs LANIESE and Mrs BAUDRY, and 6 other head teacher. There is one assistant special education needs(SEN), Mr LAMBERT. Head chef is Mr LE BOULAIS and for Educational frames are Mr SICHER and Mr VEYSSET.

Two ladies work at the reception office and infirmary
( they care of ill students )

There are 2 librarian.

We have 54 teachers in St Augustin :

    • 10 teachers of languages + 2 assistants

    • 8 teachers mathematics

    • 4 teachers of technology

    • 7 teachers of french

    • 5 teachers of history/geography

    • 2 teachers of biology

    • 4 teachers of sport

    • 2 teachers of music

    • 2 teachers of fine arts

    • 10 teachers of special education needs

Juliette & Charlotte