Saint Augustin, an European School !


      The little story:

  • Firstly, in the mid 1980s, a desire to open our door to Europe: Bilingual classes appear.

Saint Augustin participates to a lot of European activities: 
  • -It participates to the Comeniu's programme which allows twinning between several cities and schools of Europe.
-Pupils of our school take the P.E.T ( Preliminary English Test) of the University of Cambridge, wich is B1 European Level.
  • -Every year, we celebrate the European Day, on the May 9.
  • -Several times a years, our chef makes us taste specialities of European Countries.
-Every years, we do the European week, during this week; all of our classes are speaking about the Europe.

-We can go in the bilingual class at the 7 year.

- We can choose a option « Intensive english » or/and « optional spanish ».

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European section

In year 9 you can choose the European section.

To go to the European section, you must take an oral with English teacher and a general teacher.

In year 9, we travel 2 days in Bruxelles to visit and discover the European Parliament and other monuments. It’s very interresting !

The European section continues in year 10.

We have six hours of English lesson a week and one hour with an Irish assistant. We also have one hour a week during wich we do activities about Europe ( we discouver different cultures, countries…)

The European section is excellent to discover Europe ! ! !

Mélanie Jouniaux
Margaux Brunet