Section Calendar:

Our school organises:

-The humanitarian activity:

It is the March 30th .It is an activity for a poverty school in Burkina Faso. Every pupils give Euro since with this money they can have supplies for example. The challenge is symbolic, last year it was a basket ball competition.

-The Irish week:

Every teacher speaks about Ireland, Irish people, Ireland history, how Ireland was founded.One day of the week, everybody got dressed in green, for it is Irish colour.

-The American week:

The staff spoke about United States, American people, etc...
At lunch we had special meals, for example hamburger, potatoes, coca-cola.

-The European day:

It is the May 9th.The European class does a special thing for the other classes and we have a delicious lunch.

-Sportive Activity:

Cross is a running competition. It is a day in November or December and it is different for year 10 and year 7. Year 10, we run for 6km. The winner has a reward for example a ball.
Football interclass is a competition of football, it is for amuse pupils, it is at 12:15pm to 1:00pm. A teacher look if there is not problem.

By Adrien and Arnaud